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Steven Barnett


Not entirely by choice.


I've had a long and varied career. Almost all of it involving programming of one sort or another and, for a large part of my career, planning some spectacular projects. It's now late October 2019 and all of that is about to come to an end.

A lot of my career has been spent working closely with CEO's, directors and company owners. It's a very privileged position to get in to and it carries a certain amount of risk. Luckily, I've generally found that these very important people are just people and, more importantly, people who want the best for their respective businesses. Anyone who helps with that goal is alright by them.

Sadly, one of the dangers you cannot account for is regimen change. Being close to the upper echelon of an organisation means that, when that upper echelon is overthrown, your position becomes precarious. You're associated with the old regimen and that's just not good - which explains why so many PA's to the CEO get fired along with the CEO. It's also where I found myself; having been the best thing since slided bread in December 2018 under the old guard I am rubbish in October 2019 under the new. Well, that's life.

The end result is that I find myself unemployed for the first time since I started work in 1977. It's not a pleasant thing to have happen and it's well out of my comfort zone.

The future

My options are open. Do I want to give up on developing software? Not on your life. It's what gives me a buzz in life. Do I anticipate getting another job? Probably not. I'm a flexible developer and adjust my skill set to the needs of the project I am working on. That means I work(ed) on both Windows Forms developments and Angular 8 developments. My great love, however, has always been Windows Forms and those kinds of positions just do not happen that often any more.

For now, I intend to retire early on a reduced pension. I guess I am lucky to have that opportunity. It's going to leave me with a lot of time to fill and the plan is to veg out in front of DVD's for a couple of weeks, to read some of these books I keep buying for my Kindle and then to get on with writing software for both the PC and my Mac.

I promised myself that I would learn SWIFT programming for the iPad and for the Mac and, while I made a start and wrote a couple of apps, it's high time I put a little more effort into becomming an expert!

As you may have seen elswhere, I've created a few web sites and expect that, as soon as 'some people' discover I have free time a few more requests will be appearing in my inbox.

Will I work again? Well, that's the important question. I will always be open to offers and would like to have a proper job again. I always expected to be one of those people forced to retire at 75, kicking and screaming as they carried me out of the door. Unfortunately, few places want a winforms developer, let alone one in their 60's. So, not holding my breath for another position.

That said, I'm not going to stop developing either.

And, on that note...

I begin my retirement with a web site to build for a friend and a learning experience to stretch me. I've written a couple of small apps for the iPhone and iPad using Swift and the experience was fun but I always hankered for something I could run on Android as well. Seems I'm going to get my wish.

Be kind, this is my first go at Google Flutter!

Software Skills

  • Google Flutter
  • HTML & CSS


Don't take my word for my abilities, take alook at other peoples opinions about me.