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Steven Barnett

Software developer from head to finger tips.

Compressing over 40 years experience into a couple of paragraphs.

Starting in mainframe operations, I taught myself programming and moved to a Systems Programming role, being responsible for managing implementation and support of a range of IBM mainframe operating systems. While I started in-house, this quickly expanded into the scary world of consulting where I got to do really dangerous things to many major services organisations. It's what also taught me the value of proper planning and thinking on my feet!

As PC's became popular I added PC application development to my capabilities. Being relatively new at the time, people didn't have a "role" as such, so my job was to do the initial requirement analysis, design, development, documentation, distribution, support and help with the marketing. I'm fairly sure that qualifies me as a full-stack developer. The applications I wrote were used both in-house and sold to a number blue-chip clients in the UK, US and South Africa.

Since getting into PC development, I've never looked back. Technologies change, programming languages change but the constant challenge to produce applications that solve real problems for real people remains the most fun part of my job.

I've developed as a sole developer, developed as a member of a team and developed while managing the team. Even after these years, the buzz of seeing my code to work and do something useful continues to drive my enthusiasm for all things software.

Products I have contributed to

Every developer in their career spends a significant amount of time maintaining and expanding someone else' code. It's part of the job. Over the years I have worked on some large applications...

Some products I have worked on

Products I have built

I've been very fortunate to have designed and build many products from the ground up. Starting from a blank page is always a little intimidating but delivering an product that exceeds expectations is a feeling not to be missed...

Products I have developed

Some web sites

Working for Lucidus, I quickly learnt that web sites are the life blood of any organisation. The lack of a web site puts a significant dent in your credibility. Time to learn HTML, CSS and just enough Javascript...

Web sites - a bit of fun.

A bit of a timeline

With so many years in development, it's impractical to list everything I've done. It's also not that beneficial if you're looking for a PC based developer to see mainframe experience. So, here are the highlights; click through for more detail.

  • Retirement - yuck!
    Bored Person

    All good things (and bad) come to an end and retirement comes to most of us whether we want it or not... I don't but find myself forced to give it up.


  • Third Financial Ltd
    Developer & Team Lead

    Third produce one of the leading wealth management systems. The environment is C# desktop and Angular we app. I started here as a developer and moved through the ranks to team lead.


  • Lucidus Ltd
    Lead Developer

    Lucidus was a small company with big ambitions. Those ambitions were to be delivered using the software I designed and built using a mixture of C# and legacy VB6. It's also a place where no one is pigeon holed by role - you get to do everything.


  • Avelo Trigold

    As a VB6 developer, I was the natural choice for working on C#/MVC projects, working on both front end development and working on a team creating a time critical ApiController app. This was my first experience of working in an Agile/TDD way.


  • South View Solutions
    Senior Developer

    South View was a small business punching well above it's weight. Delivering VB6, C# desktop and C#/WPF applications they suffered only from a lack of experienced developers. My role was to introduce that experience and start organising the team and provide a much needed alternative view.


  • The Rest

    I've had several positions before these, Some with the same companies more than once! Click through for a much briefer overview of those.



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