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Before you fill this out, please understand, I DO NOT want any help with promoting my site, or directing traffic to my site or improving my search engine ranking. I have no interest in buying any of your services. If I want it, I'll do it myself. Please don't waste my time or yours offering me your, no doubts, invaluable help. I do this site for fun, not fame and fortune.

See, this is why we can't have nice things. Arseholes keep emailing me with wonderful and truly amazing offers for all kinds of shit that I don't want or need despite me updating the site to say I don't want this stuff. Obviously, the morons who want to drive traffic to my web site or to improve my position in the search engines (or the twat who emailed about my dog's nails) can't read. Either that or they think they're the exception to the rule and that their offer is so good that I'm going to jump at it.

They're wrong.


    Am I really any good?

    Don't take my word for my abilities, take a look at other peoples opinions about me.