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Markdown Deep

A long lime ago, I bought an app for the iPad that let me create outlines. Not a spectacular app, not a complicated app, but an app that did almost everything I wanted.

Only thing it didn't do that I desperately wanted was print. So I wrote a Windows application to print the outline. Since I was writing a Windows application, I thought I might as well add support for Markdown. The iPad app wouldn't support it, but it was primarily for formatting output to print or web, so it felt like a right addition.

That's where I found MakrdownDeep and added it to my project. It's been a wonderful addition and gave me all the Markdown functionality I needed.

Then I started down the lines of creating a Mac version and the world fell apart as I discovered several Markdown libraries, but none as comprehensive as MarkdownDeep. What is a bloke to do in these circumstances, but convert the C# code in GitHub to SWIFT.

It took me two months, but I ended up with a working copy of MarkdownDeep written entirely in SWIFT. It was a real eye opener of a project, but I got there and ended up with many hundreds of passing tests.

Plan is, at some point, to upload it to GitHub and make it publicly available. Not sure when that will be (got to work out GitHub first), but it shouldn't be too far away. I'll add a link here when it's uploaded. I have a couple of performance issues to deal with, but that is me being picky rather than a show stopper.


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