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One of the problems with developing something new for a new platform is knowing just what to do. As a long time Windows developer, I know what I want to achieve, but don't know how to achieve it. It's very frustrating.

I started out fixing this with a Mac app template project, which proved very instructional but didn't really reflect a real world application. So I created a second in Mac application, based on a more realistic app. Doing this gave more insight into what it was that I didn't know.

My first app is now at a stage where I have built a working application with the majority of the functionality it needs to operate. Along the way, I had many challenges to overcome. Some relatively simple and some rather complex. This section is intended to document some of these challenges and the solutions I came up with.

Along the way, I may well come up with other stuff that I need to document be it Macos, iOS or anything else. I'll add those in as and when.

Printing HTML and Markdown

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  • Printing

Printing on the Mac from a SwiftUI application seems to be a bit of a black art and the secrets of how to do it seem to be closely guarded by those 'in the know'. You can spend a significant amount of your life searching the web for information and getting little more than snippets.


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